I cannot say enough about the company or service. Rosa was fantastic. I have been “fighting” the VA for 20 plus years and in just a few months I was finally rated on what I should have had when I retired. I highly recommend this to service members who have had the frustration of dealing with the VA on your own. I wish I would have known about this service years ago. Again, thanks and thanks to Rosa.
I had an unbelievable experience from beginning to end. After years and years of battling the VA and getting nowhere, my case worker J. Guzman got me the desired result I have been looking for! The timeline was beyond fast and the process was extremely professional. I can’t say enough about this company. I have already referred multiple Marine buddies. Thank you again Veteran Benefits Guide for all that you do for our brothers and sister in the Armed Forces!
Been navigating with VA claim process for a long time and getting nowhere. A close friend recommended to me to give VBG a try. I did and was the best advice and decision I made. I was impressed with how they handled my case expeditiously. Kudos to Michelle C and VBG staff for helping me with the VA claim process. This is a legit organization and they are very knowledgeable about the VA process. Once again thanks for all your help.
Words cannot express the service that Veteran Benefits Guide provides. I was very impressed with the outstanding customer service that Nolan G. provided. His professionalism and demeanor was excellent. It took me 16 years and numerous attempts only to be denied by the VA. Finally after speaking with a coworker who referred me to this organization did I see results. After two months, I received my increased rating. I was ecstatic:) I have and will continue to refer my fellow veterans who are battling the VA to this outstanding organization. Thank you for all your hard work

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