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According to the VA, over 10 million eligible Veterans have never applied for their VA Disability Benefits.
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Many Veterans spend years fighting the VA to receive the benefits they earned during their time in the Armed Services. Veterans who allow us to guide them receive, on average, increases of an additional $800 per month*.

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Your Case Manager will work with you to submit your claim to the VA. We will be by your side to guide you throughout the entire process until a decision is made.

About Veteran Benefits Guide

VBG was founded by former United States Marine, Joshua Smith. After his honorable discharge, Josh was employed by the Veteran Benefits Administration (VA) as a Rating Veteran Service Representative (Rater). While working in this capacity, Josh was thoroughly trained on the VA’s Disability Compensation System. During this tenure at the VA, he discovered many inefficiencies in the way Veterans’ disability ratings were determined. Josh witnessed firsthand that the VA’s methods were inefficient and flawed so he and his wife, Lauren, created VBG to ensure that Veterans receive the correct disability benefits in a timely manner.

I was so happy with the result and so amazed with their service that I could not help myself but to share this joy to my shipmates who could possibly use their service.


This is the best experience I ever had as far as assistance with a VA claim. The VBG staff was professional and very thorough in their service. Transparent in the information given. Walked me through the whole process one step at a time.


VBG is the real deal. They are legitimate, absolute experts in VA process and procedure, and they are completely transparent about everything they do.


If you’re struggling to work with the VA on your own and/or not receiving the results you deserve, this company will be your advocate and helping hands. Very satisfied customer!


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